Freelance 3D Digital Sculptor & Print Enthusiast

Personal commissions are currently CLOSED for the time being. If you are interested in a freelance employment opportunity, please feel free to message me directly!

Past Works

Scaled Figurine(s)



All files are test printed and verified with proof of print and assembly. Prices vary based on request. Comes presupported and unsupported for scaling needs, ready to print upon delivery. You retain all rights to said files unless discussed otherwise.

Please read the terms for any general questions or faq for any detailed questions, or feel free to reach out!

• Scale Figurine(s) ➡ $1000*

STL file(s) of a posed figurine containing a fully posed figurine scaled to fit any size you wish. (i.e. 178mm, 7 inches-12 inches, 1:10 scale, etc).
This option is designed for larger scale printing and allows for more detail such as fabric textures, intricate bases, small prop items, diorama, etc, and requires print keying/assembly (broken into interlocking parts).

• Miniature(s) ➡ $400*

STL file(s) of a miniature containing a fully posed figurine scaled to fit any size you wish. (i.e. 50mm, 28mm, heroic scale, etc).
This option is for lesser details and miniature/tabletop style bases. These are designed to print whole or in as few pieces as possible with minor detail.

• Bust ➡ $300*

An STL file containing a bust of a character design of your choosing, often cut at the mid chest and shoulders. Default sizing is typically 3 inches/75 mm but can be requested at different sizes.These have a basing designed to match or compliment the bust, but if you wish to add it to a plinth or other base, please let me know.

Payment plans are available! You can find out more here or feel free to ask about these!Interested? Get in touch!

*All prices are subject to change based on complexity of project, number of models commissioned, and market demand.


If you wish to discuss a freelance opportunity/professional employment, please reach out to me directly via email as these terms and commissions are for personal uses and non-commercial licensing.


• I reserve the right to share any image related to the project on social media or my portfolio unless the client requires an NDA. I will be sure to ask before hand if you wish to be tagged!• **Client must provide at least one reference image with as much detail as possible. The more references the better; if you have a full character ref sheet, the better the end result!• I reserve the right to decline requests (uncomfortable subject material, poor references, not interested, etc).• I will create NSFW pieces but all characters must be 18+.

Payments & Discounts

• Final price depends on character complexity and number of pieces.

• Payments are through PayPal invoices only.

• Payments can be divided into multiple payments with work starting at 50%. See the FAQ for more details.

•If you are unable to make a payment for any reason, I'll happily freeze production until you are able to pay again.

3D Printing & Delivery

• You are purchasing a 3D printable set of files (STLs) of a custom character. All commissions come with pre-supported files, unsupported files, lychee scene, and any beauty renders of said model. A fit/part guide can be made upon request.

• All prices assume you have some means of printing. If you do not have access to a printer, I can offer printing, assembly, and shipping if requested, but it will be an added cost.

• There may be a queue in front of your commission. I will let you know the estimated wait time and keep in touch with you. Typical turn-around time is 1-2 weeks depending on character complexity.
• I will provide a download link to you to transfer all files necessary in a zipped package.

• Any commissions on a payment plan will receive the delivery of items on receipt of final payment.

• I will ensure all files are free of holes, internal pieces, and/or any mesh integrity issues.

• I will help support and resolve any issues with printing where possible.

By starting a commission, you are acknowledging you have read and agreed to all the information provided here today.

Age Verification

You must be at least 18 years or older to enter.


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Freelance 3D Printing Digital Sculptor

Freelance 3D printing sculptor specializing in figurines of the character and creature variety, collectibles, toys, adult novelties, and miniatures.Best Contact Methods:
Discord Jigglystix#0001
Twitter: @jigglystix
Email: [email protected]

Hard Skills

  • Digital Sculpting

  • 3D Character Modelling

  • 3D Hard Surface Modelling

  • Character Design & Concepting

  • 3D Texturing

  • Software Development

Soft Skills

  • Material and Shaders

  • Digital Painting

  • Digital Illustration


  • zBrush

  • Marmoset Toolbag

  • Unreal Engine

  • Blender

  • Substance Painter

  • Substance Designer

  • Photoshop

  • Gimp

  • Krita

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Procreate

  • Nomad Sculpt

Please do not resale my works. All works presented are Non Commercial and are only for Personal Use unless otherwise stated/adapted under the following licenses.
All models are distributed with an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.


Social Media

Best Contact Methods:
Discord Jigglystix#0001
Twitter: @jigglystix
Email: [email protected]

Alternative Contact Method:

Q. Do you cover paypal fees?
All prices include Paypal's fee, but if you prefer to pay the fee yourself I won't mind!
Q. How do you come up with your prices?
A. They're an accumulation of hours spent on the process, experience, and demand.
Q. Can I do a payment plan?
A. Yes, I will require at least 50% upfront to start work, and then we can break the remainder into payments if needed with final payment prior to product delivery.
Q. Do you offer refunds on any work in the event there is an emergency?
A. There will be no refunds on any part of the commission unless I feel I am unable to complete the commission or your commission is canceled for whatever reason.

Q. Do you paint the models you make?
A. No, but I can point you to several professional painters that can.
Q. Can I get multiple versions of a character?
A. Yes! These would incur an additional alternate version cost. Alternate versions include design changes to the character such as clothing, armor, or full frontal nudity.
Q. Does a different pose count as an alternate version?
A. No! These will only incur a small additional pose fee. These are one character design in multiple poses. Please let me know upfront if this is what you are requesting and not an alternate version.
Q. What classifies as an alternate version?
A. Alternate versions include design changes to the character such as clothing, armor, or full frontal nudity.
Q. Will multiple versions of the same character cost the same as two models?
A. Not at all! There will be an added cost for the extra work done, but if it is the same character, this allows to save costs and time. These would incur an additional alternate version cost which is a fraction of the base cost.
Q. If I get multiple versions or characters, can I get a discount?
A. Unfortunately, no these are already being sold at a fraction of the base cost. These things take time to add and create.
Q. Do you make fan arts of existing/licensed characters?
A. Yes, if they are a fandom character (such as zelda, link, mario, any anime character, etc) and an original take on the character (I'd like to avoid legal troubles). These characters will also apply for the popular character discount.
NOTICE! I will not help recreate a figurine currently in production, an amiibo, or someone else's commissioned work.Q. My character doesn't have legs, does it qualify for for bust pricing?
A. Genie, ghost-type, and characters without legs (such as lamia) do not count towards half body/busts unless it is from the waist up. Any of these types of characters will be treated as a full-body commission.
Q. Can I sell the figurine you did for me?
A. You may sell prints or the files of any models you commission, I simply ask that you credit me to help me grow; however please keep in mind, this does not apply to models distributed in store fronts that I sell, aka my custom works. Please note all my files are created with Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license in mind. This means you may adapt my works so long as I am credited, but please do not resale any files provided via storefronts.
Q. Do you sell the models I've commissioned from you? Would you if asked?
A. No, I will never sell a model commissioned or on your behalf. Once you've purchased a figurine, that model is yours to keep and decide what to do with as you now own all rights to said model.
Q. I really like this character you did for X. Can I get it?
A. No, I don't sell nor distribute the files of my clients. If you want to print their character, you will have to contact them and ask them.
You can also find a list of my own figurines and miniatures that I have made or designed in the past at my many store fronts in the About Section.Q. I asked for a commission, but then realized I couldn't pay. What do I do?
A. Just tell me and we can postpone or cancel the commission, no big deal. I understand things come up and emergencies happen. I will try my best to work around what works for you where possible.
Q. What's the average delivery time?
A. Turnaround time on a model once started will typically take about a week or two, give or take time for complexity and volume of request and time of the month. My patreon and subscribers take priority on my time, so a commission will always take side seat to the month end duties.

There may be a wait time to start work as other commissions in front of yours are completed. I will let you know the estimated wait time and keep touching base with you where possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

You can watch the progress of your commission at my trello board here.

Q. Do you print the models you sculpt?
A. Yes, I will test print a model to ensure the printability of the model. I can offer printing and shipping services at an additional cost if requested, however going through a third party will often be more beneficial to both parties. Any parts printed and shipped will be shipped unassembled to avoid breakage.
There are two main companies which can print uncolored and colored models, Shapeways in the US, and i.materialize in the EU. It's quite easy to upload your file there, choose the material, and let them do the rest.However, please keep in mind these companies have a few policies concerning adult content.Shapeways : you can print pretty much anything with uncolored materials, even lewd characters and futas. But when it comes to colored characters ( fullcolor sandstone ), sometimes they do it, sometimes they refuse. Technically they are OK with adult content but it seems like they outsource the color prints, and that can be a problem.i.materialize : they are not OK with adult and lewd stuff. You might be able to print a nude character, but it's better if genitals are covered.

Q. Do you make underage characters?
A. All NSFW characters must be 18 or older, otherwise in a non-sexual manner.
Q. What NSFW topics won't you do?
A. I will not create models that involve the below fetishes. This list is not definitive and I reserve the right to deny anything not on this list that will make me uncomfortable or that is illegal. Outside of these below, I am pretty lax with what you want created. If you're unsure whether or not I will make it, please ask!
⁍ NSFW Loli
⁍ NSFW Shota
⁍ Scat (fecal matter)
⁍ Any versions of pedophilia